learn Arabic

Although Arabic language is much different from latin languages, it is not that hard to learn writing and speaking it professionally. You would have to start your journey by learning arabic alphabet for beginners by discovering the basics of writing and reading the Arabic letters.

Learning Arabic alphabet for beginners

Let’s start with some of the most important facts about Arabic alphabet:

  • Arabic alphabet consists of 28 letters
  • It is written and read from right to left
  • It does not have upper and lower cases
  • The shape of each letter differs according to its position within the word
  • Arabic letters have no vowels

How can we write Arabic letters?

Arabic letters are written in cursive style, there are four forms – with respect to some exceptions – to write each letter. Let’s check how the letter (ب) which is pronounced as (B) is written:

  • Isolated form (ب)
  • At the beginning of the word (بـ)
  • At the middle of the word (ـبـ)
  • At the end of the word (ـب)

Steps of learning Arabic language

There are various methods to learn Arabic language, for example, you can deal with an Arabic teacher, you can depend on Arabic-educating books, and you can visit one of the multiple online resources and platforms.

We will try here to present some steps that would help you start learning Arabic language:

  1. Download an alphabet chart: This is the simplest way to learn about the shapes and pronunciation of different Arabic letters. Try to spend 30 minutes each day to learn one or more letters.
  2. Listen to the alphabet by Arabic speakers: It is suggested that you have to mimic the sounds produced by the speakers in order to learn more about how the letters should sound like.
  3. Enrol into an Arabic language educating course: There are several courses that are presented by multiple platforms which would help you learn Arabic. We would suggest that it is better to choose a platform in which all of the tutors are Arabic natives to get the most of your educational journey.

Why would you need to learn Arabic language?

There are many reasons to learn Arabic language that include:

  • Planning to move to an Arabic country
  • Being interested in learning different languages
  • The will to learn about Islamic religion which requires the learning of Arabic Holy Quran

What are some tips to master Arabic language?

Practice! This is the most important and valuable tip we can offer. You must invest part of your time writing and reading Arabic letters in order to learn more about their shapes and when each shape is applied. You would start first to write independent letters, then you would try to write words and later, you would write complete sentences.

How can “Be Quran” help you in learning Arabic alphabet?

Be Quran is an educational organization specialized in teaching Arabic language, Holy Quran Memorisation and Islamic sciences. 

It is essential for everyone who wants to learn more about Islam to have basic knowledge of Arabic language. Our Arabic native tutors have designed an exciting course to teach Arabic alphabet for beginners that would give you all of the required skills to understand Arabic language.

We have designed our programs to suit everyone and to help them discover the beauty of one of the oldest eastern languages that have always inspired the world, the Arabic language, language of Islam.