Help your children to read the Noble Qur’an by first learning to read and pronounce the Arabic letters correctly. This is exactly what Be Quran offers you through enrolling in Arabic Alphabet Course, the course which is specially designed to be the simplest way to educate the Arabic alphabet.

Why should you learn the arabic alphabet ?

The first order by Allah (The great God) to His worshipers was to read (Iqra’ – اقرأ) in order to fully understand His religion, teachings, and how to live a meaningful life that extends to the afterlife.

God’s teachings can be found within the Holy Quran which is written in Arabic, Muslims have to read it in the right way to be fully aware of God’s message. The first step Muslims have to take is to learn the Arabic alphabet.

What is the online Arabic alphabet course?


The mission of “Be Quran” is to help all Muslims around the world learn Arabic and Quranic sciences for better understanding of God’s last religion, Islam.

Our online course guides Muslims without any prior knowledge to learn the Arabic alphabet easily using interactive and engaging tools.

What will you learn ?

  • How to identify Arabic letters at any position (As Arabic letters differ in shape being at the beginning of the sentence or at the middle or at the end)
  • The correct way to pronounce different Arabic letters (Added to learning the basic rules of Arabic grammar)
  • Writing Arabic words and full Arabic sentences

Note: This course is an introduction to our full online classical Arabic course.

Who is this course for?

The course is the best choice for every Muslim whoever his/her age is, who wants to learn the Arabic language easily. It is recommended for non-Arabic speaking applicants.


The online Arabic alphabet course has no prerequisites.

Why should you enroll in the Arabic alphabet course by “Be Quran”?

Enrolling in our course has many advantages that include:

  • Being the easiest online method to learn the Arabic alphabet for beginners
  • An online course which you can attend by setting your customized schedule so that you can finish the course at your own pace
  • Instructed by a group of professional Arabic speaking native tutors who have completed their studies at the world’s best Islamic universities
  • The availability of teaching the course to both kids and adults
  • Affordable prices for everyone

Start learning the Arabic alphabet easily and enroll in our online Arabic alphabet course, the easiest online course for Muslim kids and adults who want to read Arabic and understand Islam’s teachings on their own!