One of the most famous issues that face non-Arab Muslims is reading the holy Quran correctly. So how can we read the Quran with tajweed? And how to memorize lots of verses or surahs to pray?

Actually, this depends on the level you have reached throughout learning the Arabic language. So you need to answer some questions. Can you read Arabic well? Can you identify different grammatical rules? In order to improve your Quran reading, you have to communicate with a professional tutor and discuss your Arabic learning objectives. 

also raed : how to learn to read quran

How to improve my Quran reading? 

There are 7 main steps to improve your quran reading:

1- Learn Tajweed 

The main purpose for learning tajweed is to help you to recite the Holy Quran correctly, it helps you to observe the correct pronunciation of every single letter and its characteristics. After learning tajweed, you can say that you have mastered the Arabic language completely , read about the online tajweed classes .

2- Understand what you are learning 

It’s preferable to understand every verse you are reading or memorizing, search for the meaning of those verses, and the reason for the revelation of these verses and surahs.

3- Know more about qirat

Do you know what the qirat of Quran are? In brief, they are the styles of reading the holy Quran, There are 10 qirat and are named according to the reader of the Quran or the place he came from. 

If you can read, write Arabic, and recite the holy Quran, you can enroll in an online qirat course at “Be quran”, which will help you to recite Quran correctly.

4- Listen to Quran recitation 

Listening too many times to the surah you are trying to read or memorize will help you to know the correct pronunciation of letters and words. There are hundreds of famous Quran readers around the Muslim world, and it’s recommended to listen to the same surah with different reciters.

5- Ask for help

Usually asking for help from professionals saves your time and efforts, you can “invest” in your time and ask for help.

6- Memorize short surahs 

Memorizing short surahs first helps either in reading the Quran or during praying would help you improve your Quran’s reading. You can ask for an online Quran memorization course from “Be Quran”.

7- Practice

The most important step here is to practise. As long as you read the Quran and listen to professional readers, you will be able to improve your Quran reading.

Quick tips for improving your Quran reading 

  • Be patient.
  • Set a daily goal.
  • Motivate yourself.
  • Find a partner and compete with each other.
  • Focus while reading and understand every meaning.

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