Learn Arabic Grammar

In order to learn a new language, there are some important steps needed to master it like: learning the alphabets, vocab, numbers and grammar. That’s the same with Arabic! In this article, we will show you how to learn Arabic Grammar in a few steps.

Why should you learn Arabic Grammar?

In order to practice Arabic, you must learn the grammar of that language which is called in Arabic “Nahw نحو” , it is mostly like the system that manages the written and Spoken Arabic.

Grammar simply is the study of the words you have learnt and how to create sentences, simply it’s the language’s structure, so to learn a language you must know the basics of its grammar.

Why is Arabic grammar so hard?

Some people who learn Arabic express that learning Arabic grammar is too hard, actually learning Arabic is not that easy because it’s a language that contains more than 12 million words, too many expressions and grammatical features,  let’s compare it with english for example:

In English, for the verb “Write” we say:

I/You/We write, He/She writes

But in written and Spoken Arabic there are about 6 or more expressions for the pronouns of the verb “Write” which are:

I write: ana aktub أنا أكتُب

You write: anta taktub أنت تكتُب for males & ante takuben أنت تكتبين for females

We write: nahnu naktub نحن نكتُب

He writes: howa yaktub هو يكتُب

She writes: heya taktub هي تكتُب

Be Quran tutors simplify most grammatical rules and explain them using the easiest methods to be understood by adults and younglings.

How to create a sentence in Arabic ?

In order to create a sentence in written or Spoken Arabic, you have to know the structure of the sentence which consists of: subject, verb, and object. let’s clarify it with an example…

In english you would say: “I read a book”, lets remove “a” to make it simpler so it will be “I read book” the sequence of the sentence is the subject then the verb then the object “S,V,O”

But in Arabic you will say “Qara’tu ana ketab قرأت أنا كتاب”, the sentence here starts with the verb which is “Qara’tu = read”, then followed by the subject “ana = I” then the object “ketab = Book” so the sequence will be “V,S,O” because Arabic is written and read from right to left.

Another note:

On the other hand, Arabic is known as a null subject language, that means that subject is not necessary in Arabic sentences as it is in English! In fact, native Arabic speakers remove the object from the sentence to become “Qara’tu ketab قرأت كتاب”.

This phenomenon and other language rules like vocalization and parsing (Sentence analysis) will be explained in a very simple way by our skilled and professional Arabic tutors.

Studying Arabic Grammar plan

Here you are some simple steps to start your studying:

    1. Learn Arabic basics such as words, phrases and sentences

    • Know the grammatical inflections which are more detailed look on words

    • Identify reflection and diptotes which are representation of the words

    • Study further rules like plurals, genders and numbers

    At first, it may seem that learning Arabic Grammar is complicated, but with continuous practice and follow-up with our teachers at Be quran as long as your commitment, you will be able to master the language as soon as you want.