learn Quran

The holy Quran is the beating heart of Islamic religion, it presents us all of God’s (Allah) words and teachings to learn how to truly worship Him and how to live well. The important question is: How can we learn Quran easily?

Learning the Holy Quran is not a hard task

It seems for non-Arabic natives that learning the Holly Quran is an extremely hard task as it requires to learn the basics of Arabic language, which is known to be a very hard language, although it is not!

The first step for memorizing Quran online is to learn Arabic alphabet, how to read and write them and how to pronounce them correctly. We offer at Be Quran special Arabic language educating programs that would help you master reading and writing Arabic.

How to learn Quran with ease ?

Here are some tips that would help you learn the holy Quran:

    • Set your goal

    Learning the holy quran is just like learning other subjects. The Quran includes many different stories in addition to direct teachings by God (Allah) that guide us through our whole life to live a good one. To learn all of this, you have to be fully committed to learn the Quran and assign a part of your time on a daily basis to learn It.

      • Build your learning room

      Most of us are learning everything using the internet! Although learning online is a time-saving, efficient and effective process, one may find himself not gaining much throughout enrolling in online courses.

      You have to build a quiet environment that would help you focus during your online classes. You also have to be sure that your internet connection and operating system are compatible with the platform you are dealing with.

      Get your favourite hot drink, prepare a pen and a copybook to take out important notes, try to stay away from all online disturbing websites like messengers and social media platforms, and start to learn!

        • Engage with your tutor

        Listening is a high quality trait that is underestimated in our daily lives. However, the right learning process is an engaging one! You do not just need to listen carefully to your tutor, you also need to write down all of your questions and ask him about them to fully understand the stated topic.

          • Practise more and more!

          Education is a longlife process! First you need to learn the basics about some topics but later you have to explore more, read by yourself and ask experts about what you did not understand. This is the way you can learn the holy Quran and its related sciences.

          How to learn Quran easily with “Be Quran” ?

          “Be Quran” introduces variable Quran-learning and Arabic learning courses that are presented by native-Arabic language teachers and specialists in Islamic sciences.

          We are offering a variety of online courses that satisfy all of your needs regarding learning the Quran including:


            “Be Quran” also offers courses for learning Arabic alphabet and other arabic reading and writing rules by Arabic region’s language professionals.

            You can start changing your life by learning the words of God (Allah) within his final holy book, the Quran through enrolling into any of “Be Quran” online educational courses.