Tajweed is a group of rules that enable you to reciting Qur’an correctly, the same way that God revealed it to His Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, through his angel Dgibril, and the way prophet Mohamed -pbuh- had recited.

Many people ask about how to learn tajweed of quran, because they want to obey God’s orders, as Allah urged them to do, through the verse in which He said : “ورتل القرآن ترتيلا”, which includes an order from God to recite the Qur’an with a good pronunciation, beautiful voice and according to certain reading rules. 

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The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said that: the one who hardly recites the Qur’an, while trying to improve his recitation and pronunciation; he will have a double reward, Allah will reward him once for his recitation, and another reward for his efforts!

If you are looking for how to learn tajweed of quran to be one of those who get this double reward, we will help you with your Quran recitation through the valid methods mentioned in this article.

What is the most valuable thing that you will learn from Tajweed?

If you learn Tajweed, you will be able to recite Qur’an without mistakes, there are two types of mistakes, the major mistakes that affect the meaning, and the minor ones, that do not.

Mistakes that do not affect the meaning are called “hidden mistakes” (لحن خفيّ), because they can be detected only by those who specialized in tajweed, As for the mistakes that affect the meaning of the verse, these are called: obvious mistakes (لحن جليّ), as they can be detected by anyone who knows Arabic.

How to learn tajweed of quran?

As an answer for the question of “how to learn the tajweed of quran?”, we have to clarify that, there are two sides of the learning process.

1- Theoretical approach

At the beginning of the learning process of Tajweed, you have to know the rules firstly, At this theoretical study you will know some terms such as: merging letters (الإدغام), hiding letters (الإخفاء) and revealing letters (الإظهار).
You will also know more about where you have to stop, and where you have to continue, and so on.

2- The applied approach

After knowing the rules of tajweed, we come to the applied part of tajweed, that includes practicing while reciting the Qur’an, according to the rules that you have studied in the theoretical part.

To apply tajweed rules effectively, you have to follow these tips:

  • Make sure to recite the Qur’an daily, even if only a few lines or verses.
  • Do not rush, read Quran slowly. By time you will find a significant improvement in your performance.
  • Keep listening to Quran from well known and valid reciters, such as: Sheikh Al-Hosari and Sheikh Al-Minshawi.
  • Try to search for meanings of the verses, the more you understand what you read, the more you will be able to recite properly.
  • Learn Tajweed from a certified teacher, or join one of Tajweed online courses.

Be Quran will teach you how to learn the tajweed of quran in a correct manner, by a group of valid teachers, with a high flexibility in levels and time, to guarantee you a very successful and joyful learning  journey.