First you need to know why is it important to learn and memorize Quran..

Quran is how Allah spoke to our prophet Muhammed PBUH, it is how his mighty directed him and taught him, and it is how he speaks to us in different life situations. Whenever you are reading it you will feel connected to Allah and his prophet PBUH. 

For example: When the non-believers mocked our dear prophet PBUH and ALLAH saw through his heart and that he was sad he talked to him through his AYAH (verse):

“ولقد نعلم أنك يضيق صدرك بما يقولون، فسبح بحمد ربك و كن مع الساجدين، واعبد ربك حتى يأتيك اليقين”
Meaning: “we do indeed know how thy heart is distressed at what they say, but celebrate the praises of thy lord and be of those who prostrate themselves in adoration, and serve thy lord until there come unto thee the hour that is certain”

You will also need to memorize it for your Salah (Prayer), and zekr. 


Is it hard to memorize Quran?

No It is not, but you will need to follow effective strategies and commit to it, you might also need external help from professional tutors like ours in BE QURAN.


Do I need a certain preparation or prior acquired tools to be able to learn Quran easily?

Yes, you will need to learn Standard Arabic first, to facilitate your pronunciation and the meaning of the Quran words.


What are the most important methods of memorizing Quran?

Well, there are plenty of methods to suite different people with different capabilities but the most famous are: 

  1. Rote learning: you start by the AYAH (Verse) at the beginning of the page, then repeat it till you memorize it and can recall it, then  you do the same with next AYAH, then you try to recall both, and the same with the next AYAH till the end of the page.
  2. Repetitive listening: you pick an authorized reader like AL HUSSARY, and you listen to his records to the wanted AYAHs while trying to mimic his recitation until you memorize it,


There is a lot of other techniques, that you will be explained by your tutor once you started.


How to guarantee that you don’t forget what you memorized?

Your key to learning any material is always through practice, lots and lots of practice!

How can you practice Quran?

Firstly, by reciting the memorized amounts during your Salah.

Secondly, by picking a recitation partner, so you can recite to him and vice versa, you will be able to encourage and correct each other facilitating the whole process of quran memorization

And thirdly, by always revising what you studied before. 


Why do you need a professional specialized Quran tutor?

Tutor will help you in different ways:

  • He will make sure that your recitation is correct and smooth.
  • He will apply different effective methods of memorization.
  • He will be following up with you, thus helping you to both memorize new Ayahs and as well as revising the old ones.
  • He will explain the meaning of each Ayah, making it easier and more spiritual.