ِA wise Arabic man has once said: “What is learnt when young is hard to lose”. Arabs describe early childhood learning as “engraving on a stone”.


To learn Arabic language for children is much easier than educating it to Adults as children and younglings have better ability to memorize.


Be Quran presents a group of professional, and specialized tutors who will help your kids master the Arabic language in no time!  

How do children learn Arabic with us? 

Children don’t like routine – old – ways of teaching such as indoctrination, memorization and recitation! Instead, they prefer joyful and funny methods, these methods may include games and participation in multiple activities. 


Our tutors are experienced in “Youth Education” techniques, they also believe that simplicity is the best way for explaining a – kind of hard – language like Arabic.


Be Quran’s tutors apply multiple concepts within kids’ education process including:

Arabic Lessons 

In this step, teachers use a widely used method to teach children the Arabic letters and spelling which is “Qaida al noorania”.


Qaida al noorania is a method that is concerned with learning the Arabic letters side by side with their spelling and pronunciation, tutors then show the children the most important characteristics of each letter along with teaching them how these words would be written. 


Tutors also educate the children how to differentiate between similar letters like: (ع-غ) and others, then they guide kids how to write words and sentences.

Arabic Games 

Games are the best way to teach a child! Tutors use games and quizzes to help children match words together and measure their progression. 

Audiobooks and cartoons

Watching, listening, and repeating are good ways to learn the Arabic language for children, as this will help them to memorize what they have already learned.

Arabic stories

Storytelling is also a great way for children to learn as it increases their engagement and joyfulness during learning, as it also helps in developing multiple skills including communication and other social skills.

Arabic children songs

Using songs has a great effect to memorize what your child has learned, so our teachers consider educational songs useful for children.

What will children learn in our online Arabic course? 

To  learn Arabic language for children; they must learn letters and spelling – as mentioned above – before Be Quran tutors teach them the Common Arabic words including:


  • Polite vocab as: Thank you, please, sorry, yes & no, etc …
  • Greetings: Hello, Good Morning, Salam Alaykum … 
  • Asking questions: What, Where, How, Who.
  • The numbers: How to count from 1 to 10, then starting from 11 to 19 then from 20 to 100, and so on.
  • Transportations: Car, Bus, Plane, Boat, Taxi
  • Places: Zoo, Restaurants, School, Home.
  • Animals: Rabbit, Duck, Dog, Cat, Lion.
  • Food: Rice, Bread, Chocolate, ice cream
  • Making requests: Please Can I .., I would like.
  • Other important phrases to learn a new language 


Help your child learn Arabic language and apply to Be Quran’s online Arabic teaching course for children to get them started learn the language of Islam.