Learn Quran Online

The Holy Quran is a divine guide that we ask God to make reach each part of the world. Give great thanks to the technology that Muslims worldwide, beyond the restrictions of age groups, can learn Quran online and one-on-one lessons and increase their knowledge of the Quran.

The prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) said: “Read the Quran, for it will come as an intercessor for its reciters on the Day of Judgment.” 

The right timing and learning source can help you follow the eternal guidance of the Holy Quran. With access to online learning tools, you can take lessons from anywhere in the world at your convenience. 

Advantages of Learn Quran Online

The dissolution of boundaries might be the biggest advantage of online Qur’an learning. You can learn from the best Qur’an tutors online at your convenience. Indeed, technology has been adding innumerable advantages to online learning; we have highlighted a few below:


  • Apart from learning from the best tutors, you can check into trial courses or change tutors in the middle of the course.
  • Expert tutors can further guide students to learn from highly qualified teachers.
  • You can learn from anywhere at any time in a one-to-one interactive facility.
  • You can access lessons without restrictions on time or space.


Reading Quran Basics


The basics of online Qur’an learning courses are:

Most of these basics are found in small qaida that vary in name, like Rehmani qaida, Norani qaida, etc. 

The recitation of the Qur’an leads to further guidance on the pronunciation of every alphabet, pronunciation of every word, different ways of recitation, Ayat (verse) meanings, characteristics of the Quranic writing, and reciting the whole Quran fluently.

Engaging, interesting and effective methods of learning


Modern technology gives us freedom and far-reaching ways to teach lessons to students in a kind of physics definition. Tutors use updated online sources like Zoom to teach students. They bring the teachings of the Holy Quran into the comfort and safety of your home. 

With interactive live sessions, children and you can learn Quran as effectively as face-to-face learning. Tutors guide you in learning proper pronunciation and emphasis. Virtual classrooms give you real-time communication facilities. 

 The tutor shares a step-by-step guide on the screen, shows the page or exercise, and uses other learning features. You may find plenty of online Quran learning sources, but you’re quandary about where to start. Below are the five best online sources for online Quran learning. 


Best Online Quran Learning Platforms


Be Quran 

this Egypt-based platform of Arabic and Quran staff studied at Al-Azhar University provides Arabic and Quran lessons to you and your children. Their educational material is so properly curated that you learn beyond those lessons. Lessons are so interactive for you and your family at home. 

 They cover the basics of the Quran to understand Islam thoroughly. The Quranic and Islamic knowledge you learn is rewarding and virtuous for both parties. 

Courses featured are: Reading Quran Basics, Quran Recitation, Tajweed Quran, 10 Qiraat, Quran Memorization, Quran Ijazah, Islamic Studies, and Learn Arabic. 

Featured courses on their website are:

Discover the essence of Quranic wisdom. Learn to read and understand its sacred verses. Begin your journey into the Quran’s profound teachings today.

Dive into the art of Quran Memorization. Master verses, sharpen your mind, and enrich your spirit. Embark on this sacred journey now.

Master the art of Tajweed Rules. Enhance Quranic recitation with precise pronunciation, rhythm, and melody. Elevate your understanding of divine scriptures. Start refining your recitation skills today.

Master the basics of Noorani Qaida, a stepping stone to Quranic reading. Explore pronunciation, rules, and fundamental skills. Start your journey into the Quranic world today.

Delve into Noor Al Bayan, unlocking deeper understanding of the Quran. Navigate through meanings, grammar, and eloquent recitation. Begin your enlightening journey into Quranic comprehension now.

Embark on the mastery of Classical Arabic. Uncover the language of the Quran, delve into grammar, syntax, and rich literary tradition. Start your linguistic journey today.

Unlock the Arabic Alphabet’s secrets. Master letters, sounds, and writing. Lay the foundation for linguistic prowess. Begin your Arabic journey and script mastery today.

Dive into Islamic Studies. Explore faith, history, and traditions. Gain insight into diverse cultures and religious principles. Begin your enlightening journey today.

Attain Ijaazah, the pinnacle of Quranic mastery. Receive certification in Quran recitation with accredited expertise. Start your journey to authorized proficiency today.


Memorizing the Holy Quran or learning to recite it depends solely on the person. Your intention should be to learn for the sake of Allah. Learn how to recite the Quran, read daily, and listen to Qaris or favorite reciters to see if things go wrong and fix them. 

 Technology has given you all the resources you need with just a few clicks to learn Quran online. I hope you find this humble effort helpful.