Arabic is the language of Quran, it is the language Allah chose to talk to his prophet peace be upon him through, and it is the language he chose to teach us about our religion.

Our prophet spoke it, his fellow companions spoke it and thus we should learn it, not only to be connected to them but also to understand the rules and rituals of our religion, those meant for us in Quran

As important as the understanding of the rules of our religion, it is also important to learn the rules of the Arabic language to understand the proper meaning of words, and when we speak about rules, we mean the grammar rules of Arabic that differs from any other language, one word in Arabic could have up to 10 different meanings or more, according to the grammar and its situation in the sentence.


Why learning Arabic is important with a professional Arabic language specialist?

First you must know that there is a big difference between the Standard Arabic language (the language of Quran) and the Arabic dialect.

Standard Arabic language is different from the Arabic dialect spoken by many of the middle easterners, It is a complicated language with complex grammar system that takes a professional to teach it, while the dialect is the original Arabic language but with so many alterations letting common people use it easily without thinking about the rules of proper sentences grammatically, thus not every Arabic speaker is a proper Arabic tutor.

Also the specialized tutors will work with you through a curriculum, starting by preliminary level passing by different levels till fluency, you will avoid the random manners unprofessional tutors tend to use. 


What are the most important stages of learning Arabic?

The most important stage is learning the letters, including shapes and pronunciation, then words and how to use it in proper sentences in addition to their application.


What are the most important Arabic language branches that you will learn in advanced levels?

Arabic language is a very rich language, it has various branches including Grammar (Al-Nahu) which teaches you how to link words with each other to build a proper sentence with clear meanings, the words morphology (Al-Sarf) that teaches you how to build right and balanced Arabic words, Arabic literature (Al-Adab) that teaches you the history and the development of this beautiful language, rhetoric science (Al-Balagh’a) which teaches you the art of eloquent and persuasive speech, and other important branches as writing and dictation.


What are the benefits of  Learning Arabic ?

  • You will be able to read Quran properly.
  • You will understand the literal meaning of Quran words better.
  • You will be able to read the Islamic science books which are originally written in Arabic.
  • You will be able to perform Da’waa properly to your friends and teach them.
  • You can specialize in Islamic sciences later, once you finished the advanced levels.

We at Be Quran help learning Arabic with Azhar university specialists, easily and proficiently.