Many worshipers may be surprised when they hear the holy Quran recited differently, even they may think that the imam has made a mistake! In fact, the holy Qur’an was not revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, PBUH, in a single recitation method, it was revealed to him in ten ways called “The ten Qirat”.

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What is meant by Ten Qirat ?

“Qirat” is an Arabic word that means “Readings”. Reading here means the method one can pronounce the Holy Quran’s words, in other words, we can simply say that a “Reading” resembles a dialect.

Each one of the Qirat “Readings” follows a specific way of pronunciation of the Quranic words according to a famous Rawi “Reader”, the Qira’a is named after this Rawy or after the region, he has originally came from.

How did the ten Qirats evolve ?

According to one famous hadith, our prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “Jibreel recited the Qur’an to me in one method, and I recited it back to him, but I requested him to increase the number of methods and he continued to increase it until we stopped at seven methods.” This hadith was reported by Ibn Abbas.

The hadith shows us that the angel Gebril (Gabriel) has recited the Holy Quran to Muhammad (PBUH) in one harf (Means dialect or reading or method) but our prophet requested him to increase the number of the dialects so that all Arabians can read it easily, as each Arabic province has had its own dialect.

It is important to know that the difference within the ten Qirats exists mainly within the method of pronunciation and the way some words are written. However, these differences do not affect the overall meaning or change God’s teachings by any means.

The ten credible Qirats include:

  1. Nafi
  2. Ibn Kathir 
  3. Abu ‘Amr ibn al-‘Ala’
  4. Ibn ‘Amir 
  5. Asim 
  6. Hamza 
  7. Al-Kisa’i 
  8. Abu Ja’far 
  9. Ya’qub 
  10. Khalaf 

What is an online Qirat course ?


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What will you learn?

The course attendees will learn how to recite the Holy Quran according to the readings of the previously mentioned ten Rawis (Readers).

Who is the Qirat course for?

The Qirat course is designed for every Muslim around the world who is interested in learning the ten Qirats online, especially those who are non-Arabic speakers. 


Enrolling in this course requires a good command of reading and writing Arabic added to having the basic ability to recite the Holy Quran. For more information check our other courses including: 

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