Online Quran Classes

Are you a Muslim resident in the USA? Be Quran academy is providing you with the best online Quran classes in USA that will help you and your children to learn the Islamic sciences in the best way.

Islamic sciences have been passed on by every generation to the next since the time of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. These sciences were obtained from the Holy Quran in order to be applied in the life of every Muslim, regardless of his language or nationality.

Therefore, Be quran academy will help you study Islamic sciences and understand the Holy Quran in the simplest way that suits all the members of the family!

The best online quran classes in USA provided By Be Quran

Be Quran platform presents a group of the best online Quran classes in USA for non-Arabic speaking Muslims to study the Holy Quran and Islamic sciences using modern online teaching methods, such as:

Tajweed classes

Quran recitation is one of the greatest acts of God’s worshipping that brings Muslims closer to their One Great God. Therefore, the Holy Quran must be recited correctly as the Prophet Muhammad “peace be uopn him” received it from God.

Tajweed classes by Be Quran are the best online Quran classes in USA which will help you and your children to recite the Holy Quran correctly by applying the rules of tajweed.

Our tajweed tutors in Be quran will clarify all the rules of Tajweed and tarteel for the students in a simplified and practical way through online interactive classes.

Tafsir classes

Tafsir is one of the most important Islamic sciences, and it’s the only way by which Muslims can understand the meanings of God’s words. This islamic science arose with the revelation of the Holy Quran to the Prophet Muhammed “peace be upon him” to help Muslims understand the meanings of the verses.

You can join our online tafsir classes with confidence, which are considered to be the best online Quran classes in USA to help you understand God’s words in the simplest way.

Quran memorization classes

Quran memorization has a great impact on the Muslims as all Islamic sciences are based on The Holy Quran, which makes memorizing it a necessary to raise the status of the Muslims in this world and the hereafter.

You can join the best online quran classes in usa for Quran memorization through enrolling into Be Quran classes which helps Muslims around the world to memorize the verses of The Holy Quran and understand their meanings in theoretical and practical ways.

Do you want to join the best online quran classes in USA? 

Online quran teaching in usa via the Be Quran platform has made the learning of islamic studies easier for Muslims through different courses, which are based on modern communication technologies and interactive online education.

Be Quran platform provides you with all of the resources you need to learn more about Islam, you can register now in the classes through our website!