It’s an honor for every muslim to learn about the seerah of the prophet Muhammed sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam which is very important in order to understand our religion. Studying seerah courses under the supervision of professionals will help you to get that honor, since they clarify and teach you lessons from real life situations obtained from the everyday’s life of the Prophet.


But what is the meaning of seerah, and why should we study it? Within this article, we will help you discover what is seerah and the importance of learning more about it.

What is seerah of the prophet ? 

Seerah is an arabic word which means: “The biography of somebody that includes the time and place of birth, his/her major life events, lessons from his/her life, and his/her death. 


In Islam, seerah of the prophet means: “To know everything since the birth of prophet muhammed sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam till his death, his life in Mekka and in Madinah, variable situations with his wives and companions, his battles to defend Islam until conquest of Mecca in the 8th year of the Hijra, and his death”.


Why should you be involved in seerah course ? 

Muslim students who are seeking for appropriate and comprehensive seerah course must have clear objectives why they need to study the seerah of the prophet.  The Prophet’s seerah is not a tale or a group of stories for enjoyment! It is told to us to learn important lessons that would aid us to live a meaningful life.


It is important for us to learn more about our Prophet’s seerah as:


Allah ordered us to know his prophet

It is mandatory to know the Prophet, as ِAllah has commanded us in many verses of the Qur’an to consider him as an example, therefore studying his seerah is the studying of the life of a person we have to follow.

Seerah increases our love to the prophet

If you love somebody, you like to know more about him and that’s it! Studying the seerah of the prophet makes us know more about his early life, his morals, his mission and the beginning of Islam’s call, including many other details within his life like: 

  • His way of talking to others.
  • How did he treat his wives.
  • The way of sleeping, eating and drinking.
  • His forgiveness to who hurt him and his firmness to obey the commands of Allah.
  • His morals in peace and in war.

We can then conclude that learning the prophet’s seerah drives us to love him more, motivates us to follow his steps, and obey his orders.


Understanding Quran 

When someone asked Aa’ishah may Allah be pleased with her about the prophet, she said: “His morals were Quranic”! This means that Prophet Muhammad applied all the teachings of the Qur’an within his own daily life, even within the very specific details.


Raising our hopes and providing optimism

Studying the seerah of the prophet and the early muslims strengthens us, gives us hope, will and determination, and increases our faith.


Online seerah course

Be Quran provides you with an integrated seerah course by our licensed, experienced tutors who arrange, simplify, and present all of the beneficial lessons from Prophet Muhammed seerah .