Be Quran provides Online Tajweed classes that teaches you how to read and recite the holy Quran as God revealed it to His Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. This is achieved by discovering the main rules of Tajweed, which include learning the exits of the letters and their correct pronunciation.

Let’s discover the importance of learning tajweed!

Why is it important to learn quran with tajweed online ?

The same Arabic word may have a group of different meanings which can be only differentiated through the way we read them.

Applying Tajweed rules is very important to help the holy Quran readers pronounce Its words properly, thus reading them correctly and understanding them clearly.

Why should we Learn Quran With Tajweed ?

Reading the holy Quran without fully understanding is a great waste! God sent us the Quran in order to understand the Islamic religion and to guide us to live a meaningful life till we reach the afterlife and gain a position within paradise (Al-Janna), our final destination as we hope and pray God for!

This is why Be Quran is very interested to help muslims around the world learn the rules of Quran Reading through presenting the quran tajweed course for gaining the full benefits out of reading the muslims’ constitution, the holy Quran.

what will you learn in our online tajweed classes ?


our course is a group of tajweed lessons online that aim to educate all muslims from different countries to pronounce Arabic alphabet and words correctly when reading the holy Quran for better Quranic recitation and full understanding of Its meanings.

you will learn main Tajweed’s rules including :

  • What is Quran Tajweed 
  • Quranic pronunciation of Arabic letters 
  • Heavy and light letters
  • Rules of specific letters:
    • Lam (ل)
    • Alef (أ)
    • Meem (م)
    • Noon (ن)
    • Raa (ر)
  • Stopping at the end of the words rules (Waqf)
  • Lengthening of words rules (Madd)
  • Short introduction to Qira’at (Ways of reading the holy Quran)
  • Different levels exercises to ensure your full understanding of all rules

Who is this course for?

This course is designed to educate the Quran Tajweed rules to all muslims who are:

  • Willing to learn more about Islamic religion, thus reading the holy Quran correctly
  • Not very familiar with reading and writing Arabic
  • Non-Arabic countries residents
  • Above the age of 5 years old


This course only requires you to have very basic knowledge of Arabic language in addition to having the will and being committed to learn how to recite the holy Quran.

Why should you learn quran with tajweed online with “Be Quran”?

Our Quran tajweed course has a set of advantages that rank it first among all other educators:

  • An online course, thus you can enjoy learning in your coziest and most inspirational environment
  • Quran Tajweed is presented through a powerful and flexible platform for maximum user experience that suits adults and can be enjoyed by kids too
  • The availability to customize your learning sessions’ timing to fit it your daily busy schedules
  • Our course is taught by a group of Arabic natives, professional and specialized tutors who had their grades from highly reputable Islamic sciences teaching schools
  • Be Quran presents other multiple integrated courses that help Arabic learners to master their Arabic reading and writing skills

Join thousands of muslims all over the world who are willing to learn the holy Quran recitation and apply to the Quran tajweed course introduced by “Be Quran”, the leading tajweed online lessons provider.