We all as Muslims praise our prophet and hold him in a very dear place in our hearts, we all want to follow his method of worshipping Allah (His Sunnah) and even his life habits, thus following his lead and learning from Quran as much as he –PBUH- learned, in order to do that we want to read It properly, the way he -PBUH- read It and the way his fellow companions read it after him.


What is Tajweed ?


Tajweed meaning :

In Arabic, the word “Tajweed” means improving or promoting, so, when you say: someone is learning Tajweed; this means: that person is working on his pronunciation and recitation to make it perfectly good!

Tajweed is the way to achieve a proper and righteous reading of the holy Quran, as It is a combination of certain rules to learn how the pronunciation of every single letter is. Through Tajweed; you will also know some important definitions about the deferent ways of reciting Quran, and learn how you can use each one of them.  


Why is it important to learn Tajweed?


It is important to learn Tajweed because it is the right way to read the Quran the way our prophet PBUH read it before us, also because the efficient Quran reader will be granted greatly as the prophet PBUH once said “He who recites Quran proficiently will be with the noble, righteous, ambassador angels, and he who recites it with difficulty will have two rewards” and also because the people of Quran are the people of Allah, may we all be among them.

  • We also learn Tajweed because the right recitation helps us understand the right meaning behind the words.
  • And because the right recitation of Quran is what has kept it saved without alterations all this time.

In conclusion, by learning Tajweed you will be following the prophet’s reading and be rewarded greatly on it.


How do we learn Tajweed?


Firstly, through listening to an authorized accurate reader and follow his reading, it’s preferable to do this through live interactive sessions with a specialized tutor, instead of depending on self-learning through recordings or any other mean, to make sure that you’re doing well.

Secondly, by learning the rules and the instructions of Tajweed, to collect the theoretical knowledge that you can apply after that on reciting.


What is the most important thing we will learn from Tajweed?


Through learning Tajweed, We will be able to do the following:

  • Pronunciate the Arabic letters with its different situations in a right way.
  • Use the deferent ways of reciting Quran, and pick the suitable way among them at every situation.
  • Know how pronunciation could affect the meaning.
  • Understand the right meaning of every single verse (Ayah) while reciting Quran.


We at BE QURAN will help you learn Tajweed through a group of professional specialists who studied at AL-AZHAR University with Ijazah (permission certificate) which qualifies them to teach Quran with Tajweed through different efficient strategies to allow you to learn easily and proficiently.