The Islamic religion in concerned with the different corners of one’s self, it is important for the one to worship God with all of him, not only by performing the rituals like Salah and Zakah, that is just the body (physical) part, you have to worship Him by your mind and soul too, in order to do so, you are provided by various Islamic sciences each of which is concerned by a different worshipping method.

So we study Islamic Doctrine science (A’qidah) to have a proper set of beliefs, We study purification of the soul science (Tazkeyah) in order to have a purified soul that is connected and satisfied, and we study (Fiqh) to perform the rituals properly .

What is Fiqh ?

Fiqh is the science of rituals and behavior, like the manifesto of rules providing us with the right way to behave in different situations, and what is Halal (allowed) and rewarded behaviors (like: praying and fasting) and what is Haram (prohibited) and punished behaviors  (like: dishonesty and stealing) and what is neutral in different situations (Mobaah).

Why is it important to study Fiqh ?

It is important to learn Fiqh because it is the science that will provide you with the right way to worship Allah, the right way to eat, dress and get married, in conclusion it is the set of Islamic laws regulating the lives of Muslims and teach them how to act in different life situations, without Fiqh, one won’t be able to be a proper Muslim and worshipper.

What are the most important topics we will discuss in studying Fiqh?

In Fiqh, we will study various topics including:

1- Cleanness (Tahara): in order to know how to prepare your body for Salah and different rituals, that demands cleaning our bodies properly.

2- Rituals and worshipping: how to pray? How to fast? How to do Zakkah? How to pilgrimage and do Omrah? We will learn how to perform the different worships and rituals in details in Fiqh, in order to worship Allah in the proper way, the way our prophet did before us and the way Allah demand.

3-Transactions: in Fiqh we will study how to sell and buy things in the proper Islamic way and what are the proper Islamic contracts to guarantee our rights and preserve the rights of others and to avoid mistreating any one.

4- Marriage and Divorce: we will study in Fiqh the provisions of marriage to ensure proper Islamic matrimonial relationships.

How do we study Fiqh?

We learn fiqh by studying the Islamic Fiqh books with a specialized tutor, to facilitate the reading material and explain the intended rules behind every part.

The help of the specialized tutor is also needed to avoid misunderstanding a rule, and to help us apply the rules we learn in our daily life situations, for example he could teach us the rules of Salah and how to perform it, then, pray with us once or twice to ensure that we are applying the rules properly.

Here in Be Quran, you can learn Fiqh easily with our specialized tutors who studied Islamic and Arabic sciences in Al-Azhar university, through online sessions with flexible schedules.