If you want to deep dive into the understanding of Islam and the worship of Allah in the best possible way, you should learn the hadith of the prophet Muhammad(PBUH)! It’s the second most important resource after the Quran, so you should seek an online hadith course.

What is Hadith? 

Hadith of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) includes his words and quotes that he said to us, or a report of what he said, did, or something that has happened in his presence and he approved on it.

Hadith also refers to the prophet’s reactions to certain situations during his life, Beside that, it can also be considered as an explanation to the holy Quran.

Hadith is collected by famous scholars within books. The most famous books are “Sahih al-Bukhari” written by Mohamed AlBokhari and “Sahih Muslim” written by Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj.

What are the categories of Hadith?

There are 2 main types of hadith which are:

  • Hadith Sahih, which means that it has reached us with an unbroken chain of hadith tellers. This means that all of these men reported the hadith as it is.
  • Hadith Da’if, it means that the chain of the tellers has been broken so it may include a defect or a fault.

There are more types of hadith your tutor may discuss with you in detail within the online hadith course.

Why should you take an online hadith course?

There are several reasons to seek the knowledge of the hadith which are:

  • Hadith and Sunnah are explanations and applications to the holy Quran.
  • Hadith helps us to imitate the Prophet, as we must do what the prophet said and done.

Learning ways of online hadith course

You can expect the following while learning  hadith with your teacher:

  • Hadith Explanation

Your teacher will tell you the hadith as it is, then he will explain the meaning of the words of that hadith. Finally, he will tell you why the prophet Muhammad told us this hadith and in which situation it was said.

After this clarification, there will be a discussion regarding the hadith and the situation, your tutor may ask you if you can repeat what you have understood.

  • Repeating 

Repeating helps you to memorize what you have learned, so the teacher will ask you to repeat by dividing it into sentences and then memorizing each sentence then collecting them respectively.

Changing the methods of delivery

Changing the ways of delivery is an important thing during the teaching process of hadith to drive boredom away. 

Be Quran presents professional, and licensed teachers who can educate you and your family all of the hadith basics in a fully convenient way. Contact us for more information.