Every field of work has a specific certifications that need to be achieved by anyone who wants to start his career in that field, and this certifications refer to how qualified and credible this one is.

for example: to be a certified accountant you have to collect all related knowledge, then you have to pass certain exams, after that you will have the certificate that means you’re now qualified enough to start your professional career in your field, and for those who want to be Quran and Islamic studies tutors, there is a certification they must have, this certification is called: “Ijazah”.

What is Ijaza?

Ijazah in arabic has more than one meaning, when you spell ijaza it can mean (holiday/Vacation), but Ijazah meaning here as a technical meaning is a license or an authorization, In general when a teacher notice that a student’s level is progressing and he is distinguished from the rest of his colleagues he give him ijaza to what he had taught him, This refers that the student can be relied upon on behalf of his teacher.

So a sheikh or an imam can tell people: “Hey people, this student of mine I give him the authorization or the Ijaza that he has learnt the holy quran from me, you can trust his information and his tajweed & recitation of the Quran

So in conclusion Ijazah meaning is that the student is upgraded now to become a sheikh, he can teach his new students and give ijaza to the one he sees he can become a sheikh and so on …

Ijaza starts from prophet Muhamed’s (Peace be upon him) students and their students and their students and so on until reaching our time now.

Why is ijazah important?

If you want to learn quran in a perfect way, read, improve your tajweed and recitation, you must look for a teacher or sheikh who is licensed with ijaza to teach you, ijaza is the best quran learning certificate and it is an honor to the person holding it.

When you learn quran from a person who holds ijaza this means that he is very trustable as he learnt quran from a sheikh with ijaza and his sheikh learnt from another one who holds ijaza and go back in time more than 1400 years until you reach the prophet Muhammad’s time and muslims who learnt quran from him directly.

Awareness for Ijazah meaning

You must be aware of ijazah, you should ask your teacher: what are your sources? Who is your sheikh? What is the chain of this ijazah? Can you show me your certificate?

These questions and others will explain to you the credibility and knowledge of the sheikh who will teach you , Enroll in the Online ijaza course .

About Be quran

Be quran is one of the leading organizations that teach quran, quran explanation, quran tajweed and recitation to nonarabic-speaker muslims using very trusted sources and teachers who hold ijazah certificates from trusted sheikhs.