Qaida al noorania

Arabic language is one of the most common languages and it is ranked as one of the top 6 major languages in the whole world. Arabic is also a very difficult and complex language as it has a different set of letters, a very complicated grammar system, and more than 12 million words.

What is Qaida al noorania?

Qaida al noorania is a method of teaching arabic to children at the beginning of their life, starting 4 years old, also it is used to teach non-arabic speakers the arabic language in a simple way.

This method begins with knowing the number of letters then learning how to spell them well, and knowing the characteristics of each letter then knowing how to write the letter and how to differentiate between similar letters, the best practice to apply Qaida al noorania is reading the quran with tajweed.

Who invented Qaida al noorania?

In non-arabic speaking Muslim countries, some people find it difficult to learn arabic until Sheikh Nour Mohamed Haqani who was born in the 19th century in India, developed a method with specific steps to teach arabic language to children and adults and reading the holy Quran, lots of people liked this method and used it in learning, Qaida al noorania tought millions of people since its application in the 19th century, till now.

Sheikh Nour was specialized in Hadith science, he had lots of achievements as he established a journal, and a school with a department to teach tajweed, He developed a scientific curriculum to be taught, Qaida al noorania was named relevant to sheikh’s name.

What are the advantages of Qaida al noorania ?

There are 6 proven advantages for learning noorani qaida which are:

  1. Simple, clear and non complicated method for learning Arabic.
  2. A clear method for children to learn; if the children learned it well, they will read Arabic fluently.
  3. An integrated method for non-arabs to learn arabic.
  4. If you learn arabic using this method you can learn the Quran and tajweed easily.
  5. Helps in improving quran memorization for children.
  6. Improves phonetics.

How to learn Arabic using this method?

To learn arabic with Qaida Al-Nooraniah you should apply it as a whole, Qaida al noorania includes several lessons that you must learn sequentially, the lessons discuss:

  • Letters.
  • Compound letters.
  • Syllables (Muqattaʿat).
  • Punctuation.
  • Vowel letters.
  • Consonant letters.
  • Doubled letters.

Learn Qaida Al-Nooraniah with Be Quran:

At Be Quran, our tutors use Qaida al noorania as a teaching method to facilitate learning Arabic, with a well-structured program that fits both adults and children.