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What is the meaning of Aqeedah?

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What is the meaning of Aqeedah?

The literal meaning of Aqeedah is the set of beliefs the one abide to, the base religions are built upon, But the Islamic view of Aqeedah is the total image of the creator, the human being and the life itself, what was before it and what comes after it, Islamic beliefs are built upon a series of reason based theories that proves the existence of Allah almighty and that:

  • Allah is the one true god and that there is no god but Allah. 
  • Quraan is the true words of Allah laid upon our prophet Muhammed PBUH through revelation. 
  • Prophet Muhammed is the last and the complement messenger to all Allah’s messengers.
  • The proper mental approach to the Islamic studies.


What is the meaning of Aqeedah ?


And we can divide and base the Aqeedah science on six important pillars: 

  • The belief in Allah.
  • The belief in angels.
  • The belief in holy books.
  • The belief in messengers. 
  • The belief in the final day (the day of judgment).
  • The belief in destiny (good and bad).


Why we should learn Aqeedah?


Everyone should have an axial set of beliefs either religious or social, one without beliefs is just a performing machine.

The day you become a Muslim and say Shehada (أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله، وأشهد أن محمدًا رسول الله) , you have to start learning the belief system this religion is based on, because by learning this base you become stable, you burry your roots deep, that no one can make you doubt the rightness of your religion.

In conclusion you should learn Aqeedah to: 

  • Have a strong solid belief of Allah and Islam.
  • Defend Islam against the rumors and doubts. 
  • Teach others about Islam and perform “Dawaa” properly. 
  • Aqeedah is the base you need to build upon different Islamic studies.


How can we learn Aqeedah?


We learn different Islamic sciences by the same manner, by studying the Aqeedah books written by trusted Islamic scholars, with the help of specialized Aqeedah tutors, to avoid the misconceptions which are common when studying books in a different language than our native one.


Why should we seek help from specialized tutors in aqeedah?


We should seek help from specialized tutors of Aqeedah because most of the reference aqeedah books are written in Arabic, demanding fluent Arabic scholars,

Also to avoid misconception of the intended meaning behind words, and Mostly because Aqeedah is a reason based mental approach, it demands a specialized tutors with an evidence based curriculum, after all it is a science of reason, not a spiritual experience. 


What we will learn from Aqeedah?


We will learn in the online aqeedah course

  • How to approach reason based sciences.
  • How to evidence base your beliefs.
  • The traits of God (سبحانه وتعالى).
  • The traits the messengers (Peace be upon them).
  • How to have a strong belief of the unseen, like the Day of Judgment, angels, heaven and hell. 
  • The different methods to approach a holy text.