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The Leading Arabic, Quran and Islamic Institute Online

It's not just another online Arabic or Quran course; Be Quran is different.  We provide online classroom environments, skilled and experienced teachers, planned and organized courses, supervisors to make sure your education is taken care of, and an online portal to manage your classes and account. This raises the bar for online learning.  We are concerned about your education and work hard to provide you with the best opportunity to learn Arabic and the Quran.

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learn quran online


Strength in Numbers

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Meet our Team

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Faculty & Staff

All of our instructors hold degrees in Arabic or related subjects from major universities like the University of Al Azhar and Dar ul-Uloom.

Only the very best teachers are accepted for you after careful consideration. Whether you are a kid or an adult, our teachers are carefully chosen based on their areas of expertise. All of our Quran and Arabic teachers have had specialized training in teaching non-Arabic speakers, so they are equipped to assist you in becoming fluent in Arabic.

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Structured Programs

The educational team at Be Quran Institute is constantly working to ensure that all of the courses you take have structure and transparency. You are immediately placed in the appropriate level after joining, and you can see in your account where you are starting and how long it will take to finish the course and reach your objectives, whether they are to learn Arabic fluently or to memorize the entire Quran. Following a structure guarantees steady progress for you or your child and directs you toward a destination.

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Online Portal Account

You can access all you need for your lessons in your account through our unique online Portal. You can manage your classes and kids from anywhere, access your account, and even install it as an app on your phone! Your account gives you access to a variety of features, including the ability to independently schedule and cancel lessons, access your personal calendar and classroom link, check your course outline, read textbooks and listen to audio, review with practice questions, and ask your teacher questions.

learn quran online