SINCE 2018,

Numerous schools, organizations, and thousands of students around the world have relied on Be Quran as their go-to resource for Arabic, Islamic Studies, and the Quran.

Structured Courses

The educational team at Be Quran Institute is constantly working to ensure that all of the courses you take have structure and transparency.

After joining, you are instantly positioned at the appropriate level, and you can see in your account where you are starting and how long it will take to finish the course and reach your objectives, whether they are to learn Arabic fluently or to memorize the entire Quran.

Following a structure guarantees steady progress for you or your child and directs you toward a destination.

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Online Portal Account


You can access all you need for your lessons in your account through our unique online Portal.

You can manage your classes and kids from anywhere, access your account, and even install it as an app on your phone!

Your account gives you access to your personal calendar, classroom link, course outline, reading and audiobook options for your textbooks, practice questions for review, the ability to plan and cancel classes independently, as well as much more.

Support Materials

In contrast to other online tutoring websites, Be Quran additionally provides a wide range of extra materials and tools to aid in your study. You will receive the following in addition to the live classes with your teacher:

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Certified Teachers

learn quran online

In addition to everything Be Quran Institute has to offer, we are incredibly appreciative of the instructors that round out our team. High requirements are set by our management team for the credentials of our teachers, and we have a multi-stage hiring procedure to weed out any candidates that don’t meet those standards. The instructors on our staff have received training to instruct in our learning portal, are certified by Studio Arabiya Institute, and hold degrees from Dar ul-Uloom or Al Azhar University.