The Holy Qur’an is the book revealed by God as a guide to all mankind that includes commands and prohibitions which would help people live a meaningful life, and achieve the goal of living in paradise.

Many people are keen to join the Online Quran Memorization so that the Quran will be their friend and companion within their long journey of life, so that they would never deviate from the right path set by God.

Be Quran helps you memorize and understand Quran verses throughout their online Quran memorization course.

God has ordered his final prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) and the entire humans to read, understand and do what is mentioned in Quran! That is why Quran memorization is an important aspect in muslim’s life. 

What is Quran memorization ?

Quran memorization means having the ability to recite and memorize the holy Quran with applying Tajweed rules, the rules of Quran’s words pronunciation.

Memorization is equivalent to the Arabic word Hifz (حفظ), a word derived from Hafez (حافظ) which means the guardian or protector as the holy Quran is described by God as follows “

إِنَّا نَحْنُ نَزَّلْنَا الذِّكْرَ وَإِنَّا لَهُ لَحَافِظُونَ” 

which means “We have sent down the Message and We will guard it from being distorted”. 

Why should we memorize the Quran?

learning quran helps us take further steps towards better understanding and applying of Its rules. Memorization also helps mulsims to fully experience the spiritual journey of Quran recitation and feel more connected to the Great God (Allah).

What is the Quran memorization online course?


The online Quran memorization course is a group of lessons presented within one to one in the online quran classes through the “Be Quran” platform to improve one’s memorization abilities and to help non-Arabic muslims enjoy perfect recitation of the holy Quran.

What will you learn in our online quran classes?

In Quran memorization online course presented by Be Quran you will learn:

  • Different techniques for easier and better memorization skills
  • A general introduction on how to recite Quran correctly
  • Understanding of the most famous holy Quran verses (Ayat)

We do present three milestones or Quran memorization objectives with our course:

  1. Memorizing the last – 30th – part of Quran (Juz’ A’am) that consists of the shortest Surahs
  2. Memorizing some of the long Surahs
  3. Full memorization of the holy Quran

Who is this course for?

This online Quran memorization course helps everyone who:

  • Is a non-Arabic speaker and is interested in memorizing Quran
  • Is muslim  of any age (Starting from 5 years old) 
  • Has no time or applicability to enrol to an offline course.
  • Can’t find Arabic professional teachers


This course only requires you to have very basic knowledge of Arabic language in addition to having the will and strong commitment to the holy Quran memorization. 

Why should you learn quran online with “Be Quran”?

“Be Quran” works its best to present affordable and high-quality online Quran memorization course which is:

  • A one to one course presented online by Arabic native professional teachers, thus learning how to memorize the holy Quran with your own pace 
  • Introduced within our well-established online platform designed for enjoying maximum user experience
  • Taught by Islamic sciences graduates of the best Islamic schools worldwide
  • Integrated with other Arabic and Quran recitation courses that together form a one full program which helps all muslims around the world to master Arabic reading and writing skills, the understanding of the holy Quran and the ability to correctly pronounce and memorize It.

Improve your memorization skills and be ready to fully understand and apply all of God’s teachings mentioned within the holy Quran so that you can educate others and provide them with better understanding of Islam by enrolling in our Quran memorization online course.