If you are in the USA and you want to study one of the Islamic sciences or you want your children to learn it so that they have a better understanding of their religion in order to apply its instructions in their practical lives; Be Quran provides you with the opportunity to join online Islamic courses in USA.

Be Quran is one of the organizations specialized in teaching Islamic religion and Islamic sciences in the simplest ways that suit all ages, and it also provides easy access to these courses through the Internet.

Online Islamic courses in USA by Be Quran

You can learn many online Islamic courses in USA using Be Quran platform, such as:

Quran memorization

The teachers at Be Quran will help you memorize the Holy Quran in the correct way that includes the provisions of Tajweed.

In the online quran memorization course, you will learn the best techniques that help you in the process of memorization, in addition to learning the meanings of some verses so that you understand what you memorize.

Usually, the teacher helps you memorize the Qur’an gradually. He starts by helping you memorize the short Surahs, then moves on to longer ones, and so on.

Tajweed classes

Online tajweed classes are some of the best online Islamic courses in USA provided by Be Quran. These courses help you in reciting the Qur’an correctly, in the same way that God have revealed it to His Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

These courses are based on teaching you Tajweed in a practical way, through good follow-up with the teacher, who will read in front of you several times, listen to you and correct the mistakes that you make while reading.

Qirat course

One of the online Islamic courses in USA provided by Be Quran is qirat course. It is the course that you will learn at the different 10 ways that Prophet Muhammad used to recite the Qur’an, such as: Hafs Qiraa, Warsh Qiraa, Qalon Qiraa, and so on.

Aqeedeh course

In the aqeedeh course, the teacher will provide you with the proofs of God’s existence, his traits, and the traits that He shouldn’t be described with, and also proofs that prophet Mohammed -pbuh- is righteous, so that you will know more about the God you worship, and the prophet you follow.

Fiqh course

Through online fiqh courses, you will learn the provisions of self cleanness, prayer, zakat, fasting, pilgrimage, and some provisions related to financial transactions. You will also learn about the four schools of Fiqh, the Hanafi school, the Maliki school, the Shafi’i school, and the Hanbali school.

How to join online Islamic courses in USA?

After you get acquainted with the details of the online Islamic courses through the articles on the site; you can join these courses by registering through the site or sending us a message on the WhatsApp number or the email shown on the site.